Win a $1500 Target Gift Card

Enter and Win a $1500 Target gift card. If you need make-up you would go to a drugstore. If you need clothes you would go to a clothing store. If you need furniture you

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Enter and Win a $1000 Kohl’s gift card. It can be tiring going to different stores for different products, especially if you’ve brought the kids along with you. Put your faith in just one

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Enter and Win an Xbox One. The brand new Xbox has a new look and and even better new features. Be able to watch TV on your Xbox, watch blu-ray films, and switch between

Win an iPad or iPad Mini

Enter and Win an iPad or iPad Mini. Let’s try to explain what an iPad is without the terminology used by advertisers and Apple, which is the company that introduced us to it. In

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Enter and Win a 2014 Mercedes-Benz CLA250. The new Mercedes-Benz CLA250. It’s sleek, stylish, and fuel-efficient car could be yours. You’ll fall in love with it at first glance, but the driving experience is

Win a Barnes & Noble Gift Card

Enter and Win a Barnes & Noble Gift Card. Reading a book can provide tranquility as you escape into a story. However, there are many different ways that you can enjoy a story. Claiming

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Enter and Win a Subscription to your favorite magazines. You might enjoy your magazines, but a trip to the store to buy each new issue can not only get expensive but it can also

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Enter and Win a free tan for a year valued at $1500. A tan does make people look better but it’s not easy for everyone to tan the natural way. Some of us burn

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Enter and Win your favourite NFL jersey. NFL Jerseys are ideal pieces of merchandise that a football fanatic could purchase. As a football fanatic, don’t we all feel proud and patriotic with our team’s

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Enter and Win a Gold Wrap Bracelet. You could win a gold wrap bracelet from Designs by Millo Jewelry. The Paula Mendoza Nereus Bracelet from Designs by Millo Jewelry is a 24K gold plated

Win the MTV Awards Celeb Gift Bag

Enter and Win the MTV Awards Celeb Gift Bag. Have you ever wonder what it is like to be a celebrity? Attending events and receive amazing gift bags is one of the perks and

Win a Boogie Board eWriter Bundle

Enter and Win a Boogie Board eWriter Bundle. If you are tired of always having to carry around pen and paper to make notes which can look messy and often can be lost then

Win a $25 Forever 21 Gift Card

Enter and Win a $25 Forever 21 Gift Card. Forever 21 is one of those shops that you can’t help but love. All their items are cute and affordable. are giving away a

Win $500 or Sally Hansen products

Enter and Win $500 or Sally Hansen products. The Sally Hansen that established itself in the city of New York has provided its consumers with the best nail care products around.Today, they don’t just

Win a Trip to the 2014 CMA Music Festival

Enter and Win a Trip to the 2014 CMA Music Festival. There is one place that a fanatic of Country music would ant to be between the 5th and the 8th of June -the

Win a MTV Movie Awards Gift Bag

Enter and Win a MTV Movie Awards Gift Bag. With the MTV Movie Awards approaching, Entertainment Tonight is hosting a sweepstake in which 1 lucky winner can receive a gift bag that consists of

Win a Custom Car

Enter and Win a Custom Car. Velocity is a channel, which is owned by Discovery, that shows the latest and greatest TV programmes that revolves around cars. Any serious car lover would find hours

Win $5000 cash

Enter and Win $5000 cash. The National Frozen and Refrigerated Foods Association (NFRA) deals with all aspects of trade in the frozen and refrigerated food industry. In order to promote their services and excellence,

Win an iPad Mini and Hidden Valley Products with The Clorox Company

Enter and Win an iPad Mini and Hidden Valley Products with The Clorox Company. Hidden Valley produces all things needed to make a salad perfect. From salad dressings to salad toppings, dips, and sandwich

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Enter and Win a Year of FabFitFun VIP Boxes. You could win a FabFitFun membership for an entire year. As the winner you will receive four VIP FabFitFun boxes. There is one for each

Win a Copy of Yoshi’s New Island & a Signed Nintendo 3DS!

Enter and Win a “Yoshi’s New Island” & a Signed Nintendo 3DS!. You could win a new Yoshi Edition Nintendo 3DS with a copy of the Yoshi New Island Game. Not only will you

Win with Buck Knives’ 50th Anniversary

Enter and Win with Buck Knives’ 50th Anniversary. Buck Knives sell high quality knives that could be used for hunting or as an essential whilst camping. With their 50th anniversary coming up, they are

Win a Mongoose Bicycle

Enter and Win a Mongoose Bicycle. The benefits of your child riding a bicycle is that it is safer than them walking long distances alone and it is active. For a child, a bicycle